Three Reasons Why You Should Never Use Liquid Drain Cleaners On Your Pipes in Durham

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When your pipes get clogged, it’s extremely tempting to pour some liquid drain cleaner down the drain and be done with it. While this solution sounds super easy to implement, it can cause more problems than it solves. This post will reveal a few reasons why you should not use liquid drain cleaners for clogged pipes.

They’re Toxic

Do you know what these liquid drain cleaners are made out of? If you said toxic chemicals that contain abrasive ingredients, you would be right. While all liquid cleaners have not-so-great ingredients, it’s especially true of the generic products. Generic manufacturers take even less care in making sure these types of products are safe to use. For example, the fumes from these cleaners could cause irritation of your eyes and skin.

All of this toxicity can wreak havoc on the environment. When these cleaners go down the drain, the chemicals get mixed with the water. Some of the residues from the cleaning bottles can even find themselves in landfills.

They Damage Pipes

The reactions that break up the clog in your sink can actually damage the drain. These cleaners contain hydrochloric acid, which eats into many things. These cleaners can eat through the pipes over time and cause a ton of expensive damage. To avoid dealing with this issue, call an expert in sewer drain cleaning in Durham.

They’re Not Dependable

Unfortunately, these cleaners don’t always work. The backup that you experience could be a result of a defective sewer line or a damaged pipe. Pouring liquid cleaner on these issues won’t solve your problem. At the first sign of a clog or other pipe problem, call in an expert on sewer drain cleaning in Durham.

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